How real estate agents can use YouTube to sell

Real estate agents can film properties or themselves, and one of the best websites to upload each clip is YouTube.

One of the best parts about the real estate profession is the variety that it brings to marketing. Realtors have a number of great options to both promote their own brand and advertise clients' homes, and one such tool is the video.

Real estate agents can film properties or themselves, and craft attractive, catchy videos in order to increase business. One of the best websites to upload each clip is YouTube, and agents can take advantage of the many Internet resources to drive up sales.

Capitalize on YouTube to boost revenue
YouTube is a phenomenal, free-to-use site designed for multiple users to upload, share and comment on videos. Therefore, it is an ideal tool for the real estate industry. Quick clips can capture tours of foreclosed houses for investors or provide interviews with past clients. The options are nearly endless, and each real estate agent should make sure that video is part of their business plan. 

YouTube is the perfect way for a Realtor to develop a personal connection with clients, according to The sharing site can be used to inject a little personality into a brand, and provide informative, creative content for anyone looking to buy or sell property.

It is easier for potential clients to learn about the agent through a film rather than other, traditional marketing strategies. Bob Sokoler, a Realtor based in Kentucky, told the news source that it is harder to hide in front of a camera - which means both buyers and sellers are provided with a unique insight into his personality. 

However, a plan beforehand is needed so the film doesn't come across as sloppy, explained. YouTube can also be used to showcase a real estate agent's knowledge of an area, which could be a deciding factor for potential clients to go with one professional over another. A neighborhood tour is perfect for a short video, and it could highlight a number of local events, perks and qualities that may draw in buyers.

Whenever an agent is making a video, the best knowledge and information is a must. Courthouse Retrieval System can provide that, with in-depth property data, mortgage records and much more. Easy access means any Realtor can be filming in no time.

Tips to make the best YouTube video
Clients today are using the Internet throughout the entire process. Real estate agents should as well, although making poor quality, ineffective clips could happen without keeping a few things in mind first.

For example, each YouTube video should be created with a specific target audience in mind. That could be decided by the type of property - like foreclosed houses - or by location and demographic, among other factors. Either way, a short film needs to establish community and trust, according to 

The agents involved need to feel real and like fellow neighbors, so the clients can believe that those involved are people that can be trusted. Creativity is a must, and YouTube can be an affordable way to market the benefits of the property, rather than just the features. Value is also key, and each clip should provide something for the viewer. That way, a Realtor can start to feel the benefits quickly.

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