How to increase your productivity on the job

It doesn't take a lot to lose focus and drift off at work. As a real estate agent, however, a lack of productivity can really get in the way of connecting with clients and selling homes.

It doesn't take a lot to lose focus and drift off at work. As a real estate agent, however, a lack of productivity can really get in the way of connecting with clients and selling homes.

If productivity issues typically affect your work week, then perhaps it is time to crack down and figure out how to improve. Thankfully, there are a number of ways you can get that focus back, and there are even some tools and tricks tailored to the real estate industry that can come in handy today. 

With that said, you should make sure your productivity is an asset, not a hindrance, while working. To help you with that goal, here are a few things you should know about increasing your productivity on the job:

Take a look at your daily habits
Every morning, you likely wake up and reach for your cup of coffee. Soon, that one cup turns into several, and you have a hard time making it through the day without your caffeine. Well, according to CBS MoneyWatch, perhaps you should look for alternative ways to stay alert and on task without the coffee.

This is because there are several more efficient - and cheaper - ways to get that boost without caffeine. For example, MoneyWatch recommended that you exercise instead. This provides a similar rush without the withdrawal and dependence that comes with coffee. Plus, you'll get healthier, feel better and be more productive. You should also consider taking smart breaks during the day. Always try to step back and catch your breath from time to time, so your brain and body can recharge. 

Most importantly, you should look into tools that can help you stay on track. MoneyWatch pointed to social media, since these sites are fantastic ways to perform research and connect with other professionals or clients. That can save you time and money.

In addition, you also need access to the best available information on your industry. With CRS Data, you can acquire mortgage records, warranty deeds and much more, right online. Walkthrough our CRS Data Real Estate Suite to get ahead in the industry. 

Take advantage of technology
Next on your list of productivity-boosting resources should be technology. With the right tools in place, you'll soon realize that your daily life is much simpler and more efficient.

In an article for Inman News, Bernice Ross wrote that you should first look into data storage software. Using Google Drive, for example, will allow you to digitally store all your documents, photos, videos and other files, and then access those items from any device that you have. This will make it easy to share information and dig up any old document that you need at a given time. Other useful tools include Dropbox and Evernote.

Another resource that you might know about, but not use, is AdBlock. This is a downloadable Internet service that stops all those pop-up advertisements and other website ads from cluttering each page you visit. As a bonus, cutting those out will improve website load times, which can really add up if you think about it. So, don't be afraid to start using tools like AdBlock to streamline your browsing experience.

The same goes for your email, as well, Ross explained. If you get a lot of spam or junk mail on a daily basis, try to unsubscribe to those services. There are even ways to speed that process along, like, a tool that condenses all those subscriptions into a single email so you can opt out in a simple click. Overall, consider taking advantage of these tips and tricks in order to improve your productivity on the job.

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