5 quick tips to get organized at work

Is your office full of clutter? Is it hard for you to find what you are looking for when your clients come calling? If so, perhaps now is the perfect time to get organized.

Is your office full of clutter? Is it hard for you to find what you are looking for when your clients come calling? If so, perhaps now is the perfect time to get organized.

Everybody gets a little scattered from time to time. As a member of the real estate segment, there is nothing to be embarrassed about misplacing a document or losing track of a note you wrote yourself. However, being a part of this industry also means you have plenty of options to get back on track - and there are many solutions, applications and other resources that can help you stay organized in the office.

If this sounds like something you want to do, here are five quick and painless tips to ditch the clutter and streamline your professional life:

1. Weed out the junk
Everyone does it - getting a piece of paper, a memo or other document and simply stashing it in the far reaches of the desk. However, the more you do this, the quicker your office will become overwhelmed with clutter. Therefore, the first step on your path to organization needs to be a solid cleaning. Weed out all your old junk. Look through every drawer and cabinet for items you don't need. Less stuff will help you stay on track, and it can make your day feel less hectic. 

2. Create a better filing system
Once your office has been reduced to only the important elements, you need to find a way to file everything efficiently. Don't create one box to stash everything. Instead, find a system that works for you. It could be labeled drawers or bins, folders or even the Internet. Either way, don't aim for a "miscellaneous" pile. You'll only forget what is in there. Be clear and concise with your labels.

In the real estate industry, professionals can greatly benefit from going paperless. Online data sharing and storage can remove clutter and help you stay organized. This could be a viable solution for you. With CRS Data, you can acquire mortgage records, warranty deeds and much more all online. Interested in going paperless at work? Read our white paper to learn more.

3. Move ahead with your goals
Organization can be greatly improved with a clear direction. This is the perfect time to create a to-do list or a set of office-related goals. Sit down and hash out where you want to go with your profession, steps you need to take and other ideas that are important to you. Then, get started on that list. Don't be afraid to take a chance and roll the dice. Tackling one project after another not only feels great, but it will help you stay focused and productive while at work.

4. Turn to technology
One of your greatest allies during your quest to become more organized is technology. Tools like smartphones, tablets and computers can do most of the heavy lifting for you, leaving you more time to work with clients. You can also use technology to create a calendar, storing all of your important meetings and other dates. Cloud computing software such as Dropbox or Google Drive can store your files and let you share them between multiple devices and users. All in all, technology will save you time, money and cut down on that clutter in your office.

5. Plan far ahead
The last step you need to take is to look into the future. If you don't know what is coming, you might not be ready when it arrives. So, plan out your months a few in advance, get ready for important events - such as tax season - and always have a strategy to cope with surprises. This way, you'll always be ahead of the curve.

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