How to stay focused at work

Are you fired up for the Holiday season, but finding it difficult to stay focused on your work? 

Are you fired up for the Holiday season, but finding it difficult to stay focused on your work?

Holiday pressure
You may have enough difficulty concentrating on your real estate job under normal circumstances, and this plight could become even more difficult at a time when you are looking to stay on top of varying priorities including traveling, hosting parties and shopping, contributor Jacquelyn Smith wrote in a recent Forbes article. 

Smith noted the input of various workplace experts in her article, for example, Casey Moore, who works with professionals to make the most of their time. Moore emphasized that during the holidays, many face dual pressures of less time and a greater number of priorities.

"Travel planning, guest preparations, gift shopping, children's events, parties, and so on, must be crammed into already-full schedules, which causes stress," she stated. "Personal stress often affects work performance. It distracts people and diminishes productivity." 

Create a plan
In order to overcome these difficulties, write down concrete objectives, Shawn Radcliffe wrote in Men's Fitness. Radcliffe, a freelance writer and yoga instructor, emphasized that after listing these goals, it can be very helpful to prioritize which ones are the most important. Once you have figured this out, review your objectives every morning to determine which ones can be done that day. When writing up a daily to-do, be specific. 

Prioritize knowledge
One major objective you should be sure to remember is having the most in-depth knowledge of the market possible. Commanding this information can mean the difference between getting a sale or not. In addition, it can help you stand out in a competitive marketplace. 

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Block out distractions
There are many ways to accomplish this objective, Radcliffe writes. If you are having too many conversations during the day, finding a quite place where nobody can interrupt you can be very helpful. This can be done in a secluded place in your office, or alternatively, by booking a conference room. 

If you are lucky enough to be able to work from home, taking advantage of this opportunity can prove extremely helpful. Working remotely can prove to be a double-edged sword, as you might avoid the clamor of the office to find yourself tied up with the many distractions that can surface in your home. 

However, even this pitfall can be avoided, by simply working while in another quiet place. One great place to be productive is the local library, as being noisy is discouraged and the various sources of entertainment that could exist at your home will likely not be at this place of study. 

Managing stress
Stress is another factor that can easily interfere with your concentration. Fortunately, there are many different techniques you can use to manage this problem. Exercise and proper diet can go a long way. Meditation is another technique you can use to manage stress, and working with this practice can have the added benefit of making it easier to concentrate. 

Before you become overwhelmed by the holidays, take a minute to plan your work, and then be sure to work your plan. 

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