Tips to show modest, unappealing homes

In some cases, unattractive, dilapidated or even simply modest properties need to be listed. However, there are several tools and tricks of the trade to make these transactions go off without a hitch.

Unfortunately for most Realtors, not every house is a winner. In some cases, unattractive, dilapidated or even simply modest properties need to be listed. However, there are several tools and tricks of the trade to make these transactions go off without a hitch.

For instance, abandoned foreclosed houses may need a fresh twist in order to attract more buyers, and things like pet smells and homeowner quirks can also slow down a sale if proactive steps aren't taken during a showing.

House showing mistakes to avoid
Home buying and selling can be a complicated and confusing process for the people involved. That is why it is up to a real estate agent to pull all of the pieces together, and that is especially true during a showing. The problems often arise because the current resident has left the place in a serious state of disrepair, or forgot to clean up some common buyer turn-offs that could impede a sale.

Therefore, great Realtors can come in and offer some crucial advice to really make a modest or unattractive house pop. One serious mistake is the homeowner who refuses to leave during a showing, according to Realtor Magazine. No potential buyer wants to view a property and see the seller lurking in a corner. An agent needs to put his or her foot down and make sure the home is ready for visitors.

In addition, pet smells and messes are a big problem during a home showing. Sellers should make sure to clean up any lingering traces, and definitely not gloss over the fact that the pooch isn't as "friendly" as the Realtor and buyers were led to believe.

Courthouse Retrieval System can assist Realtors when advising their clients. Mortgage records, property data and much more crucial pieces of information are available. With this knowledge, any professional can understand the industry better.

Turn a modest house into a positive
The unfortunate reality with realty is that most homes aren't perfect. In fact, few are. Instead, Realtors, sellers and buyers are faced with a number of problems that need to be sorted out in order to see the charm beneath all of negatives.

Modest houses can still sell, and real estate records and other critical knowledge can help an agent figure out how to highlight the plus side of an unattractive home.

For starters, an agent can recommend a thorough cleaning, according to Teresa Boardman, a contributor for Inman News. However, not every seller will comply, and it is up to the Realtor to tough it out and sell the place. Therefore, the positives must be highlighted. An agent can ask what the sellers like in the property, then try to play those features up during a showing.

Real estate photos can also make a big difference, Boardman explained. While it is tempting to enjoy images of large rooms that are well decorated, sometimes ugly, small spaces need a photo too. A good agent should remember to point out what makes the house special. Great hardwood floors beneath that disgusting carpet, for instance. Sellers love their homes, and the reasons why can be turned into motivational points for the next buyer to come along.

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