Tips to get your listing noticed

While selling your home may be a piece of cake in certain markets, it may require some extra effort - along with good strategies - in others.

While selling your home may be a piece of cake in certain markets, it may require some extra effort - along with good strategies - in others.

Get a fresh point of view
Want to know how some simple arrangements could help move your house? Bring in someone with a fresh eye, Stacie Staub, who works as both a broker associate and the director of marketing for Denver, Colorado-based LIVE Urban Real Estate, wrote in a recent Inman News article.

Once you have enlisted the help of this key individual, see if they can weigh in on a few important matters, Staub wrote. Making your house more marketable might be as simple as making the house have a younger - or mature - feel to it. Simply rearranging a few items can produce a huge difference.

Provide more comprehensive detail
One great way to help your listing stand out is to provide information that other listings do not. For example, you might consider offering comprehensive details on the neighborhood, making it easier for potential buyers to have the variables they need.

In addition, many Multiple Listing Services now allow photographs of people who are at least 35 years old, Staub wrote. As a result, property listings could potentially contain pictures of both individuals and properties.

Know the facts
Before taking any photos, or even developing a listing, be sure you have all available information on the real estate market, which can help you take the right approach and sell your property at a reasonable price. By using CRS Data, Realtors can access mortgage records, warranty deeds and other vital information on any property. For more on CRS Data, click here.

Enhance your listings with video
Once you have gathered what you need to obtain sharp photographs and post a compelling listing, consider going the extra mile and developing videos. Creating a simple video and then posting it on YouTube could be a game changer, as the website currently commands 65 percent of the internet's video traffic, real estate expert Wade Vander Molen wrote in a blog post on his website.

Vander Molen, director of sales and marketing for Stewart Title, emphasized that shooting a video could potentially generate results days, months or a year from now. With this in mind, be sure to develop a piece that helps potential buyers virtually move in to the space.

Post your content online
You can increase the odds of standing out in a crowded market by using not only YouTube, but also a personal website and social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, DeAnna Kerley wrote in a recent Union Street Media post.

Each of these platforms requires a unique approach, she stressed. Twitter requires brevity, while Facebook hinges more on the use of photographs. Pinterest can help you drive traffic to your personal website if you include a link to a landing page.

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