Why YouTube is right for real estate

Want to build your network? Try posting a video on YouTube, as this particular medium is drawing a great amount of traffic.

Want to build your network? Try posting a video on YouTube, as this particular medium is drawing a great amount of traffic.

More than 1 billion unique users come to the website every single month, and figures provided by global information firm Nielson Holdings reveal that people outside the U.S. supply more than 80 percent of the platform's traffic.

Past that, millions of users sign up for subscriptions every single day. The people paying for services provided by YouTube continue to grow at a rapid pace, as the number of daily subscriptions has increased more than four times since 2013.

Still not convinced? Concerned your videos will not be able to get traction? Don't worry, you can overcome these challenges, real estate expert Lee Davenport wrote in a recent Inman News piece.

Stand out with personalized videos
If you want to get ahead of the competition, one way to accomplish this is creating a series of videos that cater to a specific niche and then uploading them to YouTube, wrote Davenport, who is a licensed broker and also owns Agents Around Atlanta, which provides coaching and training to industry firms and professionals.

Doing so can quickly help you stand out, as the author cited figures revealing that only 4 percent of agents are on YouTube. In comparison, 73 percent of home sellers have indicated they are more likely to work with real estate agents who will harness video to promote their home.

There is good reason for this, as figures provided by an Australian real estate group reveal that if a listing includes video, it will generate approximately four times the interest.

Know your market
Before you decide to create any videos, be sure you have a solid handle on the section of the real estate market you are targeting, including the general trends and pertinent facts. One way you an expedite this process, and make sure you have the most updated information, is by working with CRS Data, which will supply mortgage records, warranty deeds and other vital information required. For more on CRS Data, click here.

Assess your video content
Worried about what to say in your videos? One good way to overcome this difficulty is to set up Google Alerts involving the market demographic you are targeting, the author noted. What interests these people? What news will benefit them? Once you have created one of these alerts, you can receive daily email notifications, and cull the appropriate content from them for use in developing videos.

Another approach involves focusing on the pain points of your target demographic. By using a journal, you can keep track of these difficulties these prospects are having. Working with other agents, as well as family, friends and clients, you can go over these challenges. One technique that can be particularly helpful is providing answers to client questions.

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